Since Mary's retirement from NYU she has been able to teach workshops in different places in North America and Europe, including Vancouver, San Fransisco, Brooklyn, London, Madrid and Vienna. These workshops will eventually transform into an accreditation program in The Six Viewpoints. The curriculum and structure of the program is in the works, however some of the workshops below count as a pre-requisite course to the accreditation program.  

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Brooklyn, March 2018 // six viewpoints sessions

Led by Sophia Treanor, Timothy Scott, and Nicolas Noreña

These Six Viewpoints Sessions are studies in the realms of performance, built around the idea: "to reify the audiences perception through News of a Difference". These sessions, more than instructional classes, are spaces for guided performative exploration within the theory and philosophy of the Six Viewpoints.  

Sophia Treanor, Timothy Scott and Nicolas Noreña have studied and worked with Mary Overlie for more than eight years and have assisted her in workshops in Switzerland, England, Austria, Spain and USA. 

Sessions will be held at CAVE home of Leimay. Contact hello@sixviewpoints.com for more information. 

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Switzerland, May 2018 // six viewpoints master class  Accademia Teatro Dimitri

Taught by Mary Overlie with the assistance of Nicolas Noreña and Timothy Scott 

This masters workshop will deal with horizontal narrative and story.
The first days will be an introduction to the pure traditional and singular practices of the
SSTEMS Space Shape Time Emotion and Story. We will then move on quickly to
structuring narrative, beginning with a series of Viewpoints horizontal training practices
then branching into individual compositions. The joy of the horizontal mind is often
remote from us given that we are not taught how to locate the horizontal and are taught
not to trust anything incidental, outside our control. Most of our training is still based on
self generated ideas, traditional views of the artist as the creator/originator.

**This workshop counts as a prerequisite course to the accreditation program that Mary is formulating and will have complete by February.**

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London, july 2018 // six viewpoints Master workshop          Rose Bruford college

Taught by Mary Overlie 

This workshop focuses on the discovering of how to liberate the materials of Space, Shape, Time, Emotion, Movement and Story in order to discover how they function on stage and how to create with them.  I will dedicate myself to helping you locate or strengthen your voice, message and style as an artist. 

We will briefly focus on locating these materials in a non-hierarchical manner. Then move on to performing radical performance experiments and begin to compose individual material.

Each class will involve ensemble improvisation to substantiate Viewpoints as practice, generating material, and building ensemble skills.

**This workshop counts as a prerequisite course to the accreditation program that Mary is formulating and will have complete by February.**