Since Mary's retirement from NYU she has been able to teach workshops in different places in North America and Europe, including Vancouver, San Fransisco, Brooklyn, London, Madrid and Vienna. These workshops will eventually transform into an accreditation program in The Six Viewpoints. The curriculum and structure of the program is in the works, however some of the workshops below count as a pre-requisite course to the accreditation program.  

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London, july 2019 // six viewpoints Master workshop AND ADVANCED MASTER WORKSHOP                           Rose Bruford college

Week one: Monday 1 July to Friday 5 July 2019.

Taught by Mary Overlie in collaboration with Wendell Beavers.

This summer’s classes, usually focused on the Viewpoints practices, will be focused on forming a solid understanding of the foundation, the origin and structure of this work.  The benefit of this approach is meant first to establish and preserve the Viewpoints through connecting to their foundation. I will dedicate myself to helping you locate or strengthen your voice, message and style as an artist. This approach is meant to prepare a dynamic ground for students to explore within the viewpoints structure. Extending from this base the workshop will then focus on topics of pedagogy, performance and making individual work.

We will briefly focus on locating these materials in a non-hierarchical manner. Then move on to performing radical performance experiments and begin to compose individual material.

Each class will involve ensemble improvisation to substantiate Viewpoints as practice, generating material, and building ensemble skills.

Morning classes will be taught by Erica Berland informed by Body Mind Centering, Wendell Beavers, and Sophia Treanor.

This may be taken as a part of a two-week workshop divided into two sections. The first is primarily led by Mary Overlie the second is primarily led by Wendell Beavers. Students are invited to enroll in one or both workshops. This course in week one is a prerequisite for the advanced course in week two. 

To enroll: https://www.bruford.ac.uk/courses/the-six-viewpoints-and-performance/

**This workshop counts as a prerequisite course to the accreditation program **

Week two: Monday 8 to Friday 12 July 2019

Participants must have previously attended a multi-day workshop with Mary Overlie for entrance to this course. The Six Viewpoints Summer Masters Course in the previous week is considered a prerequisite.

The week will offer participants the opportunity to rigorously review and examine the practices of the SSTEMS. The Six Viewpoints work can be looked at as a radical “embodied pedagogy,” truly encountered only through joining deeply physical investigation to heightened perception and response. The course is offered to artists committed to creating new work utilizing The Six Viewpoints approach, and artists interested in teaching, creating curriculum based on this work. The course will include several lecture/discussion sessions on Viewpoints theory, with particular emphasis on the role of improvisation, and how this relates to both pedagogy and creating performance. Participants are invited to bring short sections of material (memorized dramatic or nondramatic text, set movement, song, situation etc.) that they would like to submit to a Viewpoints process.

“Wendell Beavers has been a major force in fostering the American Viewpoints scene. If you want to know the Viewpoints in depth you should also study with Wendell Beavers.  His grasp of the work is deep and very clear, his approach is important to a thorough understanding of the Viewpoints and uniquely accessible.”—Mary Overlie

Morning classes will be a combination of Hamilton floor barre taught by Mary Overlie and Sophia Treanor informed by craniosacral biodynamics.

In preparation participants will be sent selected unpublished writing by Wendell Beavers on the Viewpoints in support of the workshop.

To enroll: https://www.bruford.ac.uk/courses/the-six-viewpoints-advanced-summer-masterclass-course/

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Vienna, july 201 // six viewpoints AND Jean Hamilton FLOOR BARRE            IMPLUSTANZ

Taught by Mary Overlie with the assistance of Sophia Treanor

The Six Viewpoints week-long workshop: Mondauy 29 July to Friday 2 August, 15:55 - 17:55

This workshop focuses on the philosophical and practical engagement, full cognitive awareness with six-time honored materials of performance.

This training begins with an introduction the SSTEMS – Space, Shape, Time, Emotion, Movement and Story. Physical practices make each material available to a singular focus.
This singularity is then expanded with practices combining SSTEMS. The effect and purpose of adding SSTEMS is to increase the artist’s capacity to listen and respond in a creative partnership. This is the path to greater cognitive capacity of the stage and more complex dialogic partnership. The training goal is to accomplish seamless improvisation with the materials as partners and guides.

The Six Viewpoints two-day intensive: Saturday 3 August to Sunday 4 August, 12:15 - 18:15

Hamilton Floor Barre: Monday 29 July – Friday 02 August, 9:30 - 11:30

Jean Hamilton Floor Barre is a training technique rooted in traditional dance training but contains unusual and deeply effective methods producing:
• rapid changes that are also educational
• unique strengthening, lengthening and mobility in your body
• alignment that literally works from head to toe

This training is precise, fun, intelligent and rapidly leads to personal growth.
The work is not endlessly repetitive but creates a body-mind-connection few techniques accomplish. Hamilton Floor Barre is highly effective in building endurance, strength, maximum range of motion and proper alignment.

We laugh a great deal in class. In my experience the body studies better in a light and open atmosphere free of dogma and competition. The body has its own mind and we tap into that system to join rather than become overlords of the dancing body.