Haiku FORM

Set out four shoes in the middle of the studio (or museum) to mark the corners of a rectangle. This rectangle should be about four feet wide and six feet long. Gather a haiku team consisting of two to four performers. The number of performers working at one time may vary to allow participants to watch. 

The haikus are constructed of three improvised movements. The performers choose a place to stand on the outside edge of the rectangle. They will each execute three different moves, which are performed inside the box. These moves are brief and executed simultaneously. All members will enter with their first move on the count of one or silently. This move should be performed with very little or no preplanning. Then the second move. This move must not be a continuation of the first move; it must be new material. The third move is the resolution of the first two moves. Finish within the rectangle, reset again by choosing a place on the periphery of the box. This is a process of causing and identifying accidents as performance. 




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