Six Viewpoints Kickoff w/ conversations with Wendell

Six Viewpoints Kickoff w/ conversations with Wendell

Finally the Six Viewpoints translated into text.  Several beats, hardly a breath, my life is changed/changing. I immediately desired to engage, to go back, go forward, talk to those closest to the world of the Viewpoints. 

Wendell Beavers came up to Bozeman, we began to turn over stones, follow old roads, clear space for the future.  It is remarkable what we accomplished in two and a half days.  If possible, I wanted to share the kinetics of our meeting with everyone.  A life in art, a river, a Volkswagen sized bolder removed, going back to before the book took my life, distorting everything under its invasive, much loved presence.  I came to realize in our conversations that I would not have changed a thing, now that the flow is being restored. 

Soon “Standing In Space” will be in your homes, throwing open doors and windows, all that it can, to bring the flowing river bubbling and crashing and dislodging things and carrying you away. Here are Wendell and myself sitting in my house talking about some of our lives and thoughts on the road, the windows and the doors. 


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